About Granddaughters

The Time- Imagine almost a hundred years ago. Think about the lives of your grandparents, great grandparents and you'll be there. The story of the "Granddaughters" begins just before World War I and moves through the first half of the 20 th Century.  

The People - "Granddaughters" is a celebration in song of two sisters and their half-sister. It was inspired by their lives and their times. They were individually beautiful, uniquely different, and equally charismatic.

The Place- Two sisters were raised in the coalfields of Red Ash, just outside of Caryville, in Campbell County, TN. Their half-sister was born to their father's second wife and was raised in Whitley County, Kentucky. All three girls were raised by their Grandmothers.

The Story- The problem was that their young and adventuresome mothers just weren't ready to settle down.   Their father's absence in their lives was a disappointment that stayed with them throughout their lives. When divorce created a lack of stability for the girls, their grandmothers came to the rescue. The Grandmas and their granddaughters formed strong bonds that influenced them forever.

Planned Theatrical Production- The music and their story provide a unique recipe for a theatrical stage production that combines a concert with character interpretation of the storyline.