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The Music- "Granddaughters" is the universal story of life and love. It is 12 original songs about love & money, romance & retribution, violence & conspiracy, power & mortality.

Maggie Longmire & Free Soil Farm takes you around curvy mountain roads, into the mines, up the hollers, along the creek banks, and down the tracks. It's a musical journey you'll never forget.

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© Cotula Music Company 2008
Executive Producer: John Longmire
Produced by Maggie Longmire & Jay Manneschmidt

Album recorded at Jbird Audio, Knoxville TN
Engineered and mixed by Jay Manneschmidt
* Recorded at Grinning Deer Music Company
* Engineered by David Lovett.
Album mastered by Jay Manneschmidt
Design & layout : Thomas deLisle