Cotula Records

We have been asked, "What is Cotula, and how did you choose that name?" From the early 1900's until the 1950's Cotula was a busy little coal settlement in Campbell County, Tennessee, between La Follette and Jellico. There were hundreds of communities like Cotula, scattered throughout the coalfields of Appalachia, during the first half of the twentieth century. They formed around the mines and disappeared when the mines played out. We wanted to have a metaphorical identity that embodied the spirit of the times and the gypsy like quality of coal camps as they followed those seams of "king coal". Cotula characterizes a mythical place where people wrote songs about their lives and times.

Cotula Records was formed to create, interpret and promote the eclectic characteristics of Americana Music. Its primary focus will be songwriting, arranging, producing, and promoting the performance of contemporary roots and adult alternative music. It is our wish to meld the talents of the seasoned veteran musician/performer and the up and coming talent within our region.

We are seeking relationships that will get the songs composed by our artists recognized. We want to get our material in front of established artists, as well as creative licensing personnel for movies and television.

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Photo of the Coal Tipple at the Rogers Mine at Ivey Dell in Campbell County TN. (Circa 1950's.) Courtesy of John Van Huss, La Follette, TN